Right Brain Learners

The “right brain” learners tend to see the big picture and don’t focus on all the details. These are the students who take a more gestalt approach to learning. With my right brain learners, I’ve found that they are satisfied if they just get the gist, and “close enough” is good enough for them. I may have been a bit too successful in not passing along my own perfectionist tendencies! I am also a “left brain” learner, preferring to do things in a logical sequence with attention to detail. This video is a reenactment of part of a geography lesson I did with my daughter, Beckie, who is definitely presenting as a right brain learner. I hope you enjoy this clip of “right” meets “left” during our homeschooling moments. For more ideas about working with your “right brain” and “left brain” learners, see my workshop “Adapting Curriculum for Learning Differences“.

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