A New Planner

For most of his life, it seems my son Josh and I have been working together to find some organizational system that he will actually use. I personally love organizational tools, planners, and post-it notes. I am also naturally organized, and these materials fit in nicely with the way my brain works. Josh’s brain operates very differently from the way mine does. We have had a much harder time finding anything that appeals to him. He is color blind, so although he sees differences in shades of color it is not as helpful to him to try and color code things. He tends to lose things, so smaller planners disappear like so many socks in the dryer. A wall calendar was somewhat useful, but since he couldn’t carry it with him it didn’t help him once he was out and about. He tried an audio recorder, but since he’s a visual learner he had difficulty remembering to use it and then attending to listen to the recordings. And that’s if he could find the recorder, since it was pretty small and may have joined the missing dryer socks by now. Josh picked out a nice planner a few years ago, and the first week we sat down together to write out appointments. It was downhill after that, with Josh either sure he could remember and therefore didn’t need to write things down, or not having it with him when he needed it, or having it gone for a visit with the dryer socks… But every optimistic bone in my body is tingling now, because Josh himself discovered that the newest generation of the video gamer’s friend, the Game Boy Lite DS, has a planner feature built in! Josh can record appointments, phone numbers, and reminder notes using a stylus that comes with the DS Lite. Unlike other things, Josh always knows where his Game Boy is, and keeps his newly purchased DS Lite in his coat pocket so he will always have something to do if he gets bored. I’m not worried about him losing this, and the potential for this to work for the way Josh’s brain works is great.

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