“Fooled them again”

My dad once told me a story about Pulitzer Prize winning sports writer Grantland Rice. Rice couldn’t believe that his writing was popular. In fact, it was rumoured that he would finish a column, pull the paper out of his typewriter, sit back and say to himself “Well, fooled them again!”
That’s kind of how I feel right now. We just finished presenting two workshops at the CHEO convention. We had a good time talking with the folks who were kind enough to attend and listen to HUMom speak and watch our PowerPoint presentation. If they only knew…..

Last year, we proposed several ideas for new workshops to the conventions that we normally attend. Due to a series of snafus, I was late applying to CHEO, and initially we weren’t going to speak at all. Later, two spots opened up and they asked us to speak – one time on an old topic and another time with a brand new workshop on “Sensory Integration.” Unfortunately, I forgot to tell HUMom about that until a week before the convention. (It is a testament to her graciousness that I am still alive!) Thankfully, she already had much of it together in her mind, and was able to pull it together in time. I put the finishing touches on the PowerPoint the night before the convention started.

The next morning, I thought I would take a quick look at the other presentation (“Modifying Curriculum for Special Needs”) to make sure everything was okay. What I found was that the file we had on my laptop (HUMom’s laptop is in the shop for repairs) was two years old, and the presentation had been modified several times. So, I had to scramble to put the presentation together again. Things are never dull in our household!

We thoroughly enjoyed talking with all of you, and hope that you found some things that are usefull and helpful.

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