Today I was driving home from church with my two AD/HD offspring, Josh and Beckie. Sometimes we think of them as twins who happen to be five years apart in age, because they are so similar in so many ways. There’s no missing the physical resemblance, but at times it seems like they have some sort of brain connection that only the two of them share. With Josh riding in the back seat and Beckie riding shotgun next to me, we were enjoying some mild spring weather and long-awaited sunshine. As I pulled to a stop for a red light, suddenly and in unison at the top of their voices Josh and Beckie yelled “Geese!” At first I thought this must be an inside joke from a movie or video game, to yell “Geese!” at a traffic light or something. Beckie was looking out her window, and I saw a pair of geese in the grass nearby. Josh was looking in the opposite direction, where another set of geese waddled through the grass. I asked them why they yelled “Geese!”, wanting to be in on the joke. But that, I guess, was another joke on me because there was no story behind this particular choral outburst. Although they weren’t looking in the same direction, they both saw geese at the same time and were calling out to inform the other. Since it’s not typical to see geese within our city limits it’s kind of the city kid version of a wildlife spotting. For some reason known only to their brains, it made more sense to yell out the single word than to make a comment in the form of a full sentence such as, “There are some geese in the grass over here.” When further conversation helped me realize that this was not related to any previously shared experience, but that both of their brains had them shout “Geese” at exactly the same time, Josh and Beckie just laughed and couldn’t really explain it. Fortunately, with each other, they don’t have to explain.

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