I’ll prioritize that…later!

Sometimes there are so many things to do that it’s hard to figure out where to start. This is true whether you are organizationally challenged or not. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when faced with a long to-do list. I’ve noticed that the naturally disorganized members of my family have a hard time with the executive functions of initiating and prioritizing, and often they start with less important things that are easier and will take less time to get done. Unfortunately, that often means that pressing matters wait while non-critical items get done first. I have tried to help my son Josh with prioritizing by reviewing his to-do lists, putting stars by the most important items or high-lighting them. (Some of you know that Josh is color blind, but he can still see differences in color contrasts.) I’ve discussed with him the items that are on a deadline to be completed, and the items that can wait a little longer though hopefully not indefinitely. After one such heart-to-heart chat with Josh, he pensively nodded his head before replying, “Okay, Mom. I’ll prioritize that later.” Aaarrgh! At least Josh realized the contradiction and gave me one of his famous “maybe being cute will be enough this time” grins as a reward for my fruitless efforts!

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