Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!
After the cookouts, parades and fireworks I have been reflecting on the meaning of Independence as it relates to my family.

Dr Jim Dobson has said that parenting is the only vocation in the world where you work your way out of a job just as your starting to get good at it. His meaning as I understand it is that our goal as parents is to raise up our children to the point that they are independent and don’t need us anymore. This is a daunting task. It is all the more difficult when you are dealing with special needs kids.

Right now we are dealing with my son, Joshua and his struggle with time management. Sometimes it seems that Josh invented the concept of slow motion replay. Left on his own, he will finish his morning toilet, shower, dressing and breakfast just in time for… lunch. He has two speeds: “Stop” and “Plod.”
We have tried reasoning, threatening, nagging, bribing and shaming. We’ve tried reminders, lists, prompts, voice recorders. We haven’t found anything effective yet, but we will keep trying.
This is an area that is critical for his future success. And ultimately, that is what our goal is – self-reliance and independence.

Happy 4th of July.

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