Jesus and My Parenting Skills

Yesterday was one of those gray, rainy days. As Beckie and I were finishing up our schoolwork for the day, the phone rang. We typically don’t answer the phone during school time, so Beckie checked the answering machine when she went downstairs a few minutes later. There was a message that her usual ride to her part-time job at the martial arts school was unavailable, so Beckie needed to make other arrangements. It had stopped raining by then, but was still very wet and it looked like the rain could start up again at any time. Beckie called out to me, “I need a ride to work.” Since it wasn’t a direct request to me, I playfully called back, “I hope you find one.” Here’s how it went from there:
Beckie: “Mom!”
Mom: “I hope you find a ride with a really safe driver.”
Beckie: “M0-0m!” (Pretty sure there was an eye roll here, but couldn’t see her from where I was)
Mom: “It stopped raining. You could probably walk.”
Beckie: “Mom. There’s no one else here to get a ride from.”
Mom: (speaking with benevolent wisdom) “If Jesus were here on earth right now and had a car, I’m sure He would give you a ride.”
Beckie: (Seeing her opportunity, with a huge grin and without a moment’s hesitation) “If Jesus were here right now, He would be disappointed in your parenting skills for not giving your daughter a ride when she needs one!”
Geesh! I certainly don’t want Jesus disappointed in my parenting skills! Although I know there are far worse things He could be disappointed about, here at least was something preventable. Beckie knew I would be giving her a ride, and that I was playing with her, but it made me wonder how many times she has thought the same thing but didn’t mention it to me. I bet she’s even prayed to complain about me a time or two! Next time you are giving your children a ride somewhere and you’re tired and busy and have a lot on your mind, you can comfort yourself with the thought that at least in this Jesus won’t be disappointed in your parenting skills!

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