My Beckie, Homeschool Valedictorian 2011

1993 was a monumental year.  It was the year I started homeschooling and the year that my youngest child, Beckie, was born.  Beckie was the kind of baby who quieted as soon as she was picked up.  She always seemed content just to be with people.  As an infant, Beckie was perfectly happy with attention from any adult or child.  By the time she was a toddler and on the move, she enthusiastically joined in play with other children.

Her brother and sister (Josh and Beth) were crazy about her and wanted to include her in all their activities.  They loved to teach her about whatever they were learning and when we were out and about Josh would hold one of Beckie’s hands and Beth would hold the other.  Beckie was a very versatile playmate.  She loved tea parties, dress-up times, Legos, and playing in dirt.  Josh says Beckie is the best little brother he could ever have wished for.

I can still picture Beckie’s beaming smile as she grew up, and remember thinking how very loved and confident she always looked.  More than once I thought I could have aptly named her “Joy” instead of Rebecca, because she typically seemed so joyful and brought it to others.  It was hard not to smile when Beckie was in the room.

Like her brother, Beckie has dealt with attention challenges (ADHD), sensory processing difficulties, and an auditory processing disorder.  Despite these struggles, Beckie has faced them with grace and determination and has experienced success.  Today she is a second degree black belt in karate and at the time of her high school graduation she has already completed her first year of college.

Beckie has grown into a lovely young woman.  She is compassionate, optimistic, funny, and strong.  Her sense of humor and quick-witted observations are delightful.  Beckie’s enjoyment when she is with animals and children is contagious.  She is a loyal friend and a defender of the underdog.  I think Beckie is amazing, and it has been a privilege and a blessing to be her teacher and Mom.

Beckie graduated from our homeschool, the Family Home Academy, on May 22nd, 2011.  Congratulations, Beckie!


4 Responses to My Beckie, Homeschool Valedictorian 2011

  1. Kathy Kuhl says:

    Congratulations to Beckie and to you all!

  2. Joyce says:

    Yahoo! Yahoo! How exciting for your family! Great job, Beckie and MOM! What next?

  3. Congratulations to Beckie and to you! What a lovely tribute!! I just hopped over from HOTM :-).

  4. Valerie B. says:

    What a wonderful post, so full of love!! Congratulations to Beckie and thank you for the reminder to focus on our kids strengths & not their challenges.

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