New Year’s Resolutions …Or Not?

I am hesitant to make resolutions. It’s not that I don’t think they are good things. I’m just not sure that a mere calendar change is an adequate reason (or excuse) to vow to do things that should be happening regardless of the time of year. If something needs to be done, I don’t wait for a new year. I guess it’s a good time to review life and see if the goals are still aligned with who I am now. But I also don’t take things lightly if I say I am going to do them, so I don’t want to set goals unless I know I will be able to see them through. It’s like making a promise to myself, and that commitment shouldn’t be taken any more lightly than if I were promising something to another person. I can easily see areas needing improvement. So many, in fact, that it could be overwhelming to try and address them all. I don’t want New Year’s resolutions to set me up for failure or hang over me with a looming condemnation as days slip by without goals being accomplished. So for now, I am living by general Christian principals without delineating specific and measurable goals. I tend to be driven by nature, and do not lack motivation and objectives I hope to meet. What I need is to live in grace, understanding the mercy of God who created me and knows my heart. I believe God will show me the areas where I should set goals, and only He can help me accomplish anything of true importance. The bottom line for me is that I want to be smack in the center of God’s will for me, and my prayer is that if I stray He will nudge me back to the place I should be. So I guess I actually do have a New Year’s Lifetime Resolution to stay close to God and cooperate with Him when He reels me back to Himself.

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