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Think for a minute about taking your shoes off. Some of us remove our foot attire as soon as we enter our homes. Others may leave them on all day until bedtime. But as you picture yourself taking your shoes off, I’d like you to think about whether you take one off followed by the other in quick succession, or just kick off one shoe and walk around with the other for awhile and then slip off the remaining shoe. Although I’ve never seen anyone have a significant time lag between removing the left and right shoes, that’s the only explanation I can come up with for why my children can only find one shoe. Personally, I always remove my shoes together and almost always put them – together – in the same place. I can usually find my shoes, but if I’ve misplaced them I’ve always lost both shoes not just one. My children have repeatedly been able to find only one shoe, usually when we are in a hurry to get out the door to an appointment. We have a designated spot for shoes when they are not being worn, and usually ONE shoe would be there. When the dog was a puppy, I thought maybe he was running off with them. But after his puppy year he really wasn’t interested in shoes anymore and stuck to his own toys for the most part. I can imagine my children beginning to take off their shoes but then getting distracted after the first one and bounding off until it registers that they still have a shoe on, so they remove it wherever they happen to be. The children are usually baffled as well. Josh, who is my only son, would stand with one shoe in his hand and announce that “Someone took my other shoe.” Since his shoes did not fit any other family member, it did not make sense that any of us took his shoe. Is it possible to go sleep walking and hide shoes ( or should I say “shoe”) while being totally unaware of doing so? That seems about as feasible as taking off each shoe at a different time and location. Perhaps that’s just another reason that the sports my kids were involved with were a good match for them. Swimming and martial arts are done barefoot!

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    While it’s true that people wear both shoes from morning time until it’s time for bed, while some people prefer to take off one shoe then the other one in unison.

    But I think differently – I rather wear only one shoe when I go anywhere: One foot with a sock and shoe on it, and the other foot with just a sock (no shoe). I just feel more comfortable this way.

    And for a young man my age, it may be unbalanced – so what? It’s not like god made us wear both of our shoes all the time. It’s my chioce, and my chioce alone.

    The only execption to this rule is during the winter time, otherwise it’s one shoe for me all the way!

    And in case anyone is interested, I also wear only one roller skate when I want to go skating.

    Thank you for your time,
    Brian Johnson

    Wearing both shoes until I get home. But when I DO get home, I don’t take both shoes off; I

  2. melinda says:

    Uh, ok.
    Do you also only wear one ice skate?

  3. Brian Johnson says:

    Hello Melinda,

    I would like to answer your question.

    I never tried to ice skate with only one ice skate on – I don’t think it could be possible. But with one roller skate on only, it is. Since your feet keep rolling on the ground.

    Also when you when you rplied to my question, for some reason you put down in your phrase: “uh, ok”; did I say something wrong that offended you? If I did, then I sincerely apoligize.

    Thanks again for your reply, I appreacite it.

  4. tony says:

    I’m the same way I stopped wearing a right shoe in junior high and haven’t put a shoe on my foot sense I wear my left shoe everywhere and I just put socks on my right foot I don’t even have any shoes for my right foot I agree it’s a choice and its what’s more comfortable I work part time on a cattle ranch I ride horses work cattle do everything I have to do and I do it with just my left boot and a sock on my right foot even in the winter I just put a second sock on my foot and go I can’t imagine putting a shoe on my right foot it wouldn’t feel right

  5. Brian Johnson says:

    Hello Tony,

    I am glad to hear that are other people in this world that would prefer to wear one shoe and not the other one.

    Also Tony, you and I are nearly identical in the way of what shoe to wear and what shoe “not to wear”. The left shoe. I don’t like the feel of wearing my right shoe at all. And I also wear socks too, just like you do.

    Ever since I was young man, I would always put on only my left shoe – and have fun! Doing things that other people would; such as:

    1) Candlepin bowling with one bowling shoe on.
    2) Going to the movies with one shoe on – once I am in the theater room (where the movie is playing), I take one shoe off and hold it in my hands until the movie credits roll, then I put the other shoe on and leave.

    There are so many fun and interesting things to do all while wearing one shoe – regardless of what other people say, it’s not for them to judge us; it’s our opinion and ours alone.

    So Tony, if you ever want to contact me and chat with me more about our one shoe feelings, you can always contact me at my e-mail:, and I would be delighted to talk to you.

    You have a good day (one shoe friend).
    Brian Johnson


  6. Brian Johnson says:

    I forget to mention something Tony; another one shoe thing I love to do is take a hike up a mountain trail wearing one hiking boot.

    There a couple of things you need to take into consideration before I attempted this – because I knew this was going to be tricky.

    The hiking boot I wear is one of those yellow colored work boots, that have a heavy outsole (the part of the boot that makes the patterns when you step). anyway those “outsoles” add heaviness to your foot. So while one foot has a boot on it, the other foot (without the boot) is lighter than air.

    So you walking with an odd step; each and every step: “heavy, light, heavy light, etc…

    It’s not easy to walk this way, but it’s a heck of fun!!

    Brian Johnson

  7. Brian Johnson says:

    Hello Tony,

    Wow, this is one really great story you shared with me, and I want you to know that I like it, each and every word.

    Which I why I said that you and I are similiar Tony, you don’t like wearing a right shoe (but wear the left one), and I am the exact same way! — left shoe on only.

    I have the exact same feeling when I go rollerskating, I put on “only” the left foot rollerskate, and the other foot is shoeless, but I am still wearing a white sock during that time.

    But one thing did happen to me that resulted in me interested in wearing one shoe:

    I was going for an airplane ride home from a Florida vacation. I got aboard the plane with my parents and sat down in those comfy blue chairs and prepared for depature.

    When we arrived at the Boston airport, my family and I tried to get off the plane, but because of how people are, they have no concern for us young adults, and pushed me / knocked me about getting off the plane; and one of those people stepped on the heel of my right shoe, and it came off and was inside the plane! And my parents told me to leave it, and when we got a chance to go to a shoe store, that I would get a new pair of shoes.

    I am not sure why, but I felt comfortable wearing just the left shoe, and since then — thats all I ever wore.

    Brian Johnson

  8. Brian Johnson says:

    (forgot to add):

    I never went back to wearing two shoes ever again, in my heart it felt like I was meant to wear one shoe — so I never did.

    And now, I am enjoying so many things wearing one shoe, that don’t seem possible but are.

    Candlepin bowling – one bowling shoe on
    Rollerskating – one rollerskate on
    Seeing a movie (in the cinemas) – one shoe on

    The list is endless, but I enjoy my one shoe lifestyle that way, and will never go back to wearing two shoes ever again; it’s not my fortay.

    Have a nice day Tony.
    B. Johnson

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