ARK Z-Vibe


Product Description

ARKS Z-Vibe is a new latex-free VIBRATORY tool constructed of a durable, textured, aluminum handle and sturdy, medical grade
plastics. Mainly used for oral motor stimulation and sensory input, it can also be used outside the mouth on the cheeks, lips, and neck.
The Z-Vibe and its various tips provide a vast range of sensory stimulation, even though it is only the size of a ball point pen!

Extra tips of various shapes and sizes provide gentle vibrations to stimulate the gums, palate, lips, cheeks, and tongue. This is NOT a chew toy, and it is recommended to be used under the supervision of a speech pathologist or occupational therapist. It is also recommended that a new tip be used for each individual, checking periodically for replacement. The Z-Vibe is sold with one probe tip.

Other tips sold separately. ARK’S Z-Vibe is patent pending.


NOTE: this takes a special battery not readily available in stores.


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