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Heads Up Helping! by M.L. Boring – e-Book, pdf format


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Heads Up Helping is the story of a mother’s journey as she observes her son’s special learning challenges and responds with love and dedication. Drawing on her years of experience as a speech pathologist, Melinda begins her pursuit of educational methods and materials that will help her son achieve the potential she is convinced exists. With fierce determination, Melinda sought information to help her son Joshua both accept himself and find areas in which he could excel despite his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), social difficulties, and sensory issues.
Over time, and with much experimentation, Melinda recognized which strategies, materials, and instructional approaches were most effective for her son and daughters. By becoming an astute observer and student herself, she gradually distinguished those techniques that worked most frequently out of the multitude of ideas she tried and those successes are shared in depth throughout her book.
Melinda offers practical strategies from both her personal and professional experience in helping children with auditory and visual distractibility, sensory issues, fidgeting and hyperactivity, daydreaming, and social communication difficulties. She offers teaching tips and information on how to effectively reach students in ways that are compatible with brain-based teaching techniques. The suggestions for modifying curriculum and adapting the learning environment are easily implemented and applied.
With heart-wrenching honesty and with humor, Melinda’s real-life examples reveal the trials and joys of teaching and parenting a child with challenges. Heads Up Helping is sure to be a wealth of encouragement and  practical support for parents, teachers, therapists, and others who are devoted to helping all kinds of special children.


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