Just Take a Bite By Drs Ernsperger and Hanson


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Does your child refuse to eat foods from a specific food group?

Does your dinner table turn into a battle ground during mealtimes?

Are you working with a student who is anxious or scared of eating new foods?

If you have answered yes, then Just Take A Bite is the perfect resource with easy, effective answers to these troubling questions.

This long-awaited book is written for parents and professionals working with children with food aversions and eating challenges.

Dr. Lori Ernsperger and Ms. Tania Stegen-Hanson provide clear and concise strategies and practical lessons for assisting
children in eating a balanced diet. This valuable resource contains a comprehensive treatment plan for solving mealtime struggles.
Just Take A Bite clearly explains:

  • Characteristics and criteria of a resistant eater
  • Typical oral motor development and the stages of eating
  • How sensory integration dysfunction can compromise the child’s performance at mealtimes
  • Factors contributing to resistant eaters
  • Specific oral-motor activities
  • A comprehensive treatment plan
  • Fundamentals of how to create positive mealtime environments
  • Sensory lesson plans for exploring new foods.

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