Learning in Motion, 2nd edition


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Written By: Patricia Angermeier, Joan Krzyzanowski, Kristina Keller Moir and Carol Kranowitz

Learning in Motion features over 100 age-appropriate activities for every week of the school year! Ideal for preschool, kindergarten, and primary
classes. Each activity is carefully crafted to attract and keep children’s interest by using a multiple sensory approach. All are designed to
improve children’s learning and behavior!

A monthly finder provides a quick and easy guide to selecting activities that meet educational goals throughout the year. A special section suggests activities to reinforce learning the alphabet.

Each carefully crafted activity is complete and classroom-ready for easy implementation, including:

  • Activity goals
  • Time required
  • Educational objectives
  • Materials list
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Adaptations for children with special┬áneeds
  • Multilevel instruction to match different abilities

Each activity also includes a “Letter to Parents” that may be copied and sent home with the children. These specially tailored letters provide a
brief description of the activity, explain the educational purpose behind it, and suggest related home activities to help the children grow. This
wonderful book also includes a quick and easy guide to classroom adaptations for children who need a little extra help to meet the everyday
challenges of school.

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