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Smart Card: Emotional Intelligence


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Boost your students’ Emotional Intelligence with this 4-page SmartCard. In this colorful quick-reference card, you will find everything you need to get started with emotional intelligence.

It includes an understandable synopsis of valuable information you’ll be “happy” to know about including the origin of EQ, Emotional Intelligence defined, the 5 dimensions of EQ, the rationale for building students’ EQ and the most important implications for teachers. Inside, the 5 dimensions are described in detail, and practical classroom suggestions are provided.

On the back, you will find 17 emotion activity ideas that you can use with the hundreds of emotions listed from A to Z! You and your students will be ecstatic, elated, empowered, enthralled, excited, exhilarated, and exuberant as you explore the world of emotions with this little gem.

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