TimeTimer Original

Time Timer Original, Audible Alarm


Product Description

The ORIGINAL TIME TIMER is an 8” timer with a red visual display. The display can be set for up to 60 minutes and the red disappears as time elapses.

This is an excellent tool for children who do not know how to tell time yet, as well as for those children who do not have a natural internal sense of the passage of time.

Using the Time Timer frees adults from the frustration of multiple and frequent verbal reminders to the child to continue working on assigned tasks by providing a constant visual reminder of the passage of time. It is also extremely useful in helping  children who have difficulty transitioning to new activities, since the children can tell at a glance how much time remains before a change in activity will occur.

The size of the Time Timer makes the display easily visible from across a room, and can help older children develop better time management skills.
AUDIBLE ORIGINAL TIME TIMER has the option of an audible “Ding” when time has elapsed or completely silence.

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Weight 4 lbs


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