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TimerTools Software


Product Description

Imagine this: You are doing a PowerPoint presentation and with one click, your whole screen turns into a huge hourglass to let your learners know how much time they have left to discuss an issue.Or, your class computer rings a “Time’s Up!” alarm letting students know it’s time to switch gears. Excitement mounts as your class or workshop participants race against the TimerTools stopwatch, attempting to break their prior record for a challenging task. It’s all possible with TimerTools!

TimerTools is the Swiss army knife for teachers and presenters: 13 essential tools in one! Whether you are presenting to a small class or a huge audience, TimerTools is your perfect solution for every presentation need.

  • hourglass
  • analog clock
  • digital clock
  • alarm clock
  • multiple customizable alarms
  • seconds countdown timer
  • turn timer
  • interval timer
  • digital stopwatch
  • analog stopwatch
  • split timer.

Each attractive, scalable, customizable timer tool is super easy to use. Ideal for computer presentations or to turn your whole computer into a suite of powerful timing tools.

For PC and Mac.

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Weight .5 lbs


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