Tuned in to Learning, Vol 9 – Adapted Dance & Movement


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Tuned in to Learning helps you turn FUN into FUNctional educational outcomes! Inventive songs paired with vibrant visual supports give students a hands-on opportunity to practice core social skills in a motivating way.
Different than typical children’s music, the Tuned in to Learning songs have been customized for special learners, including ample response time, simplified language, and repetition. Especially good for autism spectrum disorders. This comprehensive program integrates evidence-based techniques from the fields of special education, applied behavior analysis,
and music therapy, and gives you the tools to bring students from initial learning, to mastery, and finally generalization.

VOL 9 ADAPTED DANCE & MOVEMENT Designed with the needs of special learners in mind, these refreshingly original songs break down movement sequences into easy to teach components. Tunes range in style from hip-hop, to country, and pop, complete with entertaining themes that spark imagination and creativity.
Watch your students shine as they practice simple dance steps, partner activities, warm-up stretches, and follow the leader games; with the benefit of extended response time. Music not only keeps your students on-task, but also serves as a timekeeper to help with pacing, coordination, and endurance.
This CD is adaptable for students at a variety of mobility levels, including those who utilize wheelchairs, and is ideal for use by both therapists and classroom teachers.
“This dance CD is a wonderful way to make physical therapy and exercise more enjoyable! I have been able to incorporate it into my therapy sessions to enhance posture, balance, bilateral coordination, strength & endurance training, motor sequencing and fluidity of movement. I’m not sure who has more fun with it- my students or me!”
Sharon Criger, RPT, Physical Therapist
What’s Included:
 Music CD with 11 original songs
 Full color insert with song lyrics, sample IEP objectives, activity adaptations, and a research overview section
Geared to children and young adults.

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