Visual Strategies for Improving Communications


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This book is a collection of practical ideas and techniques: how some educators have taken sound theory and research, added a
dash of creative experimenting, and translated it into meaningful training and programming tools for students who experience
moderate to severe communication disabilities.

When we take on the task of working with students who learn differently, our most familiar teaching strategies and goals are put
to the test. Students can learn. The question is what and how. Our responsibility as professionals or parents is, in part, one of
“discovering” them. Most importantly, we need to discover how he learns; how she understands. That is the key …. to determine
what is inside, hidden behind a veil of behaviors and perceptual handicaps, and to discover how to reach it effectively. This discovery
process has revealed a large group of students who understand what they see better than what they hear.

It is through this discovery process that the concept of using Visually Supported Communication or Visually Mediated Communication
strategies has evolved and developed. Success has built upon success. As one student or teacher has benefited from one idea,
the challenge has been to develop a second and a third. Over a period of several years the results have been dramatic. Testimonials
from school staff and parents have supported the direction enthusiastically.

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