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Watch Minder 2


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Product Description

The WatchMinder2 has two modes: The reminder mode for remembering specific tasks like taking medication and doing homework or chores; The training mode for behavior change and self-monitoring.

WatchMinder2 Features:

  • 30 daily alarms that can repeat daily or can be scheduled for the future dates and times
  • Repeating countdown timer and a stopwatch
  • Uses a vibration system (similar to that of the common pager) that is easy to feel and privately alerts the person to do a particular task
  • Beeping alert
  • Standalone operation -does not require a separate computer or a paging service
  • Easy to program
  • Large, easy to read screen
  • 60 messages have been pre-programmed in the memory of the watch
  • Can be programmed to include¬†additional personalized messages
  • Effective for persons with attention and learning disorders (ADHD, LD), autism and other developmental disorders
  • Is an assistive device and can be an integral part of a 504 Plan at work or at school, and can be used by adults and children.

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