Fine Motor

Skoosh Animals

Some children are naturally fidgety and full of energy. They are always in motion and doing something with their hands. Unfortunately, oftentimes this activity is loud and distracting, to fellow students, teachers...even themselves! You can spend a lot of time and effort trying to get them to be still and quiet, or you can give them an alternative. These fidget animals provide tactile sensations and an outlet for that surplus energy.

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Skoosh Animals – dozen

Skooshes by the dozen

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Band Buddie Jump Rope

Make your own beautiful jump rope with this fun kit. Children can work on fine motor skills as they connect the brightly colored rubber bands and attach them to wooden handles. Kids can use the finished product for gross motor skills or to jump off some excess energy! Can be used indoors or outdoors (store out of direct sunlight to extend wear). This product is intended for use by children age 3 years and up.

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Kids on the Ball, Spalding et al

Kids on the Ball shows how parents, teachers, and therapists can use colorful and enticing Swiss balls to help children develop balance, coordination, rhythm, and other sensory integration skills. In Kids on the Ball, three physical educators and a physical therapist:
 Explain the benefits of Swiss balls for developing sensory integration skills
 Describe 118 activities using the balls Include step-by-step instructions, reproducibles, and educational objectives
 Include modifications for special needs children
 Provide ideas for incorporating the Swiss ball into existing programs
 Accomodate different learning styles to promote education and sensory integration
 Include 23 complete and successful lesson plans
Kids on the Ball includes a wide spectrum of activities to develop balance, coordination, motor skills, rhythm and dance, flexibility, and fine motor skills.

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Squiggle® On-The-Go will stretch your imagination to its limits. It's simple and fun! Spin the arrow then rotate the squiggle pad with the letter that was spun facing up. Now create a picture or object from the squiggle. There could be hundreds of pictures created from a squiggle, it all depends on which way you look at it. 200 unique squiggles in each pad!

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Spyro Gyro

Create three different shapes (squares, circles and triangles) in a seamless transition from small to big and back again. The harder you push down on the stylus, the smaller the shapes. Release the pressure and the shapes get bigger. Tight and finished renderings take art and pattern making a whole new level! Spyro Gyro™ Pen requires one AA battery (not included).

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Wind-Up Bundle

The wind up bundle is a bundle of fun for working on fine motor skills, visual tracking, and hours of play pleasure.  From a wind-up UFO to a busy mouse running on a wheel, these toys provide great reinforcement and skill practice in an engaging way that keeps kids coming back for more.

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