Rock Star

I’m right proud of my son.

We just finished up a rough two week stretch.  First we traveled about 750 miles round-trip to Pennsylvania for their homeschool convention in Harrisburg.  In the past, we have had at least one of my daughters along to help staff the booth in the exhibit hall, but this year they are both finishing up the quarter in college.  So we had Josh with us, but no one else.  He really rose to the challenge.

When we got there, I told him to size up the booth space and figure out how he wanted to set it up.  He studied for awhile, then came up with a new layout, which worked out quite well.  He was very attentive to customers, was aware of when a product display was getting low and restocked it, and ran the cash register.  He never complained, and was always pleasant and eager to talk & answer questions.

We were home for a few days, before driving up to Lansing for the Michigan homeschool conference.  This was even more of a challenge, because I miscalculated the drive time, when we had to arrive and how much time was required to set up before the opening of the exhibit hall.  In short, we had to leave much earlier, and then had much less time to setup.  Josh was a trooper, and worked hard to get everything in place.  Later, Melinda was presenting three workshops.  Since I am her road crew, we were both gone for long periods of time assembling the laptop & projector, then clearing out of the hall for the next presentation.  Through it all, Josh manned the booth and ran the whole show.  We traveled another 500 miles on this trip.  He never complained once.  When we got home, I did the accounting, prepared the bank deposit and called in the charge slips.  Josh didn’t make a single error.

But the real thing I loved about the last two weeks, was how many times I saw parents of kids who struggle listen to Josh and gain hope.  Josh had a rough time while he was growing up, but he is a fine young man now.  He is compassionate, caring and polite.  He has been able to overcome and compensate for most of the challenges he has faced.  And we have found an outlet for his talents.  He has finally completed one of his novels, is close to completing a second and has several more in various stages.  He has ideas for thirty more stories or books.

It is an inside joke between Melinda and I that because Josh is the subject of so many of her stories, he has become as popular as a rock star to her audiences.  After seeing Josh interact with them, I think that maybe we are underestimating him.

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